Aqua Nick Admisión With Transportation, One of the best tours in cancun.

Welcome to Aqua Nick, a sprawling 6-acre Nickelodeon™ waterpark surrounded by lush tropical gardens, 500+ meters of lazyand adventure rivers; An entertainment program that will keep guests smiling allday. Located 28 km south of the Cancun airport, in one of the most important destinations in the world, the magical Riviera Maya, Mexico. Gourmet Inclusive® food and beverages ranging from dishes like poke bowls and pizza, to character dining programmed with some of your favorite Nickelodeon™ friends. AQUATIC AREAS ACTIVITIES POOL. Pool for the most daring activities, offers scheduled activities and experiences. Attractions include: Wave ball: It is a colorfull ball that creates waves to enjoy an experience similar to being in the sea. Climbing Wall: Climb to new heights and increase your strength. System for walking on water: a play area that helps the little ones to challenge the water through floating pads.

Reserve your adventure Aqua Nick Admisión With Transportation, and save money.

Aqua Nick Admisión With Transportation tour include:

  • Food served at kiosks Aqua Bite: Our Aqua Bite serves the best, burgers, hot dogs, poke bowls

  • Soft drinks, water, beer and national open bar

  • Towels and beds

  • Entertainment

  • Use of park facilities

  • Rivers, pools, games and slides

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Fall in love with Mexico in Aqua Nick Admisión With Transportation tour cancun!


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