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A good recommendation is to first take into account the type vacations and activities that go according to them, an example, the type of activities of a honeymoon couple is not the same to a group of friends who come to party, or a family on vacation, If you have any questions or require suggestions, contact us to talk to one of our "experts" who will assist you in a more personalized way.

You can Print or present your confirmation on your cell phone.

When you purchase a transfer from us, you won’t need to see anyone or call any number to confirm your return. We’ll call you and confirm it for you. If you may need to adjust the pick-up for your return due to changes in your itinerary, tell us in advance. Always follow the recommendations from the airline prior to your departure and check-in time.

Many companies offer different tours, but sometimes we forget that quality is the most important and the price is forgotten. Always pay attention to the prices, especially if the prices are cheap. Most of the time, the cost does not show any hidden charges, taxes or transportation. My Caribbean Trips does not have small letters.

We will be monitoring each reservation and if there is bad weather and your activity is canceled, we will inform you. You may opt for a change or a refund. We received the report every morning and afternoon form the local Coast Guard Authorities. There is no need to call. Please see (sales y refunds terms)

As part of our distinguished service, we will call you and we will provide you with a confirmation and pick-up time.

In our combos section you can get discounts from 10% to 25%.

choose your activities or tours, choose date and number of travelers, Add to cart, fill in the form with your information and then you can pay with credit and debit cards. If you prefer assistance from one of our agents, you can send us your information in the "contact us" section or call us at our offices for more personalized attention. If you are in Cancun you can find us at our offices in downtown Cancun.